ArtistBeto Fame
Beto Fame
Genrepainting, graffiti

Beto Fame is a graffiti artist based in Rio de Janeiro. To the artist, majored in architecture and urbanism, the sophisticated and unique features of the city serve as an amazing inspiration and motif. Numerous planes, various traces upon them, and the special atmosphere they create. Beto captures and combines all these details to complete the city's portrait. In the Beto's work, the pointed roof and large windows, exotic plants, and the people passing by them form an organic relationship, creating a unique vitality. The scenery of the city, which is a mixture of chaos and stability, disorder and balance, creates a delicate harmony and stimulates curiosity towards an exotic city.

베토 퍼미는 리우데자네이루에서 활동하고 있는 그라피티 아티스트입니다. 건축학과 도시학을 전공한 그에게 도시가 지니는 복잡하고도 고유한 특징들은 놀라운 영감이자 모티브로 작용합니다. 수많은 평면들과 그 위를 메우고 있는 다양한 흔적들, 그리고 그들이 만들어내는 특별한 분위기까지. 베토는 서로 다른 부분들을 포착하고 조합해 도시의 초상으로 완성합니다. 작품 속 뾰족한 지붕과 커다란 창문, 이국적인 식물과 그 곁을 지나는 사람들이 유기적 관계를 형성하며 독특한 생동감을 자아냅니다. 혼돈과 안정, 무질서와 균형이 혼재된 도심의 풍경이 오묘한 조화를 이루며 낯선 도시를 향한 호기심을 자극합니다.