ArtistCoen Pohl
Coen Pohl
Genreillust, video

Coen Pohl is an illustrator based in Amsterdam. Coen Pohl's unique style of architectural interpretations was built through his experience as a UX designer. His style is using for expressing not only the scenery of the big city but also the scenes of everyday moments. Coen Pohl captures a scene from everyday life and draws it like an important event on stage. Nothing is simply blurred for the background or drawn small for perspective. All elements in the artwork are carefully considered and placed with the same importance. As if to emphasize that these little parts are really a huge role in life.

쿤 폴은 암스테르담에서 활동하고 있는 일러스트레이터입니다. 커다란 도시의 풍경뿐만 아니라 그 내부를 이루는 일상의 장면들까지 건축적으로 해석하는 쿤 폴의 독특한 표현방식은 UX 디자이너로서의 경험을 통해 구축되었습니다. 쿤 폴의 작품 속에서 일상의 한 장면은 무대 위의 중요한 사건처럼 강렬하게 다루어집니다. 그저 배경으로 흐릿해지거나 원근감을 위해 작게 그려지는 경우 없이, 화면 속 모든 요소들은 신중하게 고려되어 동일한 비중으로 그려집니다. 마치, 사소하게 여겨지는 모든 부분들 또한 삶이라는 무대에선 커다란 역할이라는 것을 강조하듯 말이죠.