ArtistDolores Phelps
Dolores Phelps

Dolores Phelps is a painter based in Gloucestershire. Dolores has continued her personal work across a variety of media, including illustration, design, multimedia, and painting, and has spent her life in the field of art education based on this. Dolores, who is currently showing her own unique style through her large-scale watercolor work, is actively collaborating with the field of advertising and publishing industries, including magazines. The subtle forces of gravity and the combination of unexpected elements make the flow of watercolors Dolores even more special. The naturalistic but abstract style is embroidering the movement of nature on the paper beautifully even making the artist fascinating herself. A unique balance of formal and atypical natural beauty rises above her artwork.

돌로레스 펠프스는 글로스터셔에서 활동하고 있는 페인터입니다. 글로벌 아트 마켓의 전통적인 중심지 런던에서, 그녀의 ‘아트 라이프’는 시작되었습니다. 일러스트레이션, 디자인, 멀티미디어, 페인팅 등 다양한 매체를 넘나들며 자신만의 예술세계를 구축해온 그녀는, 광고와 출판 업계에서 오랫동안 사랑받았으며 대학에서 학생들을 가르치기도 했습니다. 대도시를 떠나 이제는 마음껏 작품 활동을 펼치는 그녀에게 세상은 아직도 창작의 즐거움으로 가득합니다. 종이를 물들이는 돌로레스의 붓 끝에서, 예상하지 못한 수많은 힘들이 흥미로운 효과들을 만들어 냅니다. 추상적이면서도 자연스러운 그녀의 화풍은 다른 누구보다 아티스트 스스로를 매료시킵니다. 돌로레스의 작품에 드러나는 비정형과 정형성 사이의 독특한 균형이 감상자의 마음까지도 사로잡습니다.