ArtistFabian Lavater
Fabian Lavater
Genrepainting, illust

Fabian Lavater is an illustrator based in Basel.
Fabian expresses the moments of life experienced in nature with sensuous colors. He expresses his relationship with nature, which has become a part of his artist's life, such as beach scenery, waves, and surfing, by dissolving them in unique colors and messages. Based on his comfortable and eye-catching style, Fabian continues to collaborate with eco-friendly clothing brands, and interior and outdoor brands in Switzerland.

파비안 라바터는 바젤에서 활동하고 있는 일러스트레이터입니다. 파비안은 자연에서 경험하는 삶의 순간들을 감각적인 컬러로 표현합니다. 해변의 풍경과 파도, 서핑 등 아티스트 삶의 일부가 되어버린 자연과의 관계를 독특한 컬러와 메시지에 녹여 표현합니다. 편안하면서도 시선을 사로잡는 그의 화풍을 바탕으로, 아티스트는 스위스의 친환경 의류 브랜드 및 인테리어, 아웃도어 브랜드 등과 협업을 이어가고 있습니다.