ArtistLee Mihye
Lee Mihye

Lee Mihye is a painter based in Seoul. Her artwork, which is composed of figures without facial expressions, simple backgrounds, and minimal objects, seems blur but conveys rich emotions like a dream. It's like a dream in which the situation and emotions in it are experienced deeply even if there are neither photographic descriptions nor subtle details. The figure whose features have been erased allows the viewer to make a new completion of the meaning of the work by the projection. Artwork painted with acrylic on canvas has plane composition, but the artist's unique dot pattern adds the fun of texture. Visualization of her style, which serves as extraction and reorganization of emotions, guides the viewer into a deep immersion into the situation and emotions.

이미혜는 서울에서 활동하고 있는 페인터입니다. 표정이 지워진 인물과 단순한 배경, 최소한의 오브제로 구성된 화면은 마치 꿈결처럼 아련하면서도 풍부한 정서를 담아냅니다. 사진 같은 묘사가 없어도, 낱낱의 세부는 떠오르지 않아도 그 안에서 경험한 상황과 감정은 진하게 전해지는 꿈처럼 말이죠. 특징이 지워진 등장인물은 감상자로 하여금 모든 투영을 허락하며 작품의 새로운 완성을 제안합니다. 캔버스에 아크릴 물감으로 그려진 작품은 평면적 구도를 지니지만, 아티스트만의 독특한 도트 무늬가 더해져 질감적 재미를 전합니다. 감정의 추출이자 재편성의 역할을 하는 시각화는 하나의 장면이 품은 상황과 정서에 대해 깊이 있는 몰입을 가능하게 해줍니다.